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Upcoming Benchmarking Trainings

Need help benchmarking? Check out these upcoming training opportunities. The goal of these trainings are to help property managers to learn about the City's benchmarking policy, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, as well as the utilities' automatic data transfer tools to complete the benchmarking of their buildings during the session.

  • 1st Data Jam: March 19th, 8 AM - Noon - Expired
  • 2nd Data Jam: April 18th, 8 AM - Noon - Expired
  • 3rd Data Jam: April 30th, 8 AM - Noon - Expired.
  • 4th Data Jam: May 16th, 8 AM - Noon - Expired.
  • Afternoon Office Hours: May 29th, Noon - 4:00 PM
  • Morning Office Hours: May 30th, 8:00 AM - NOON

Missed a training session? Reference these data jam training slides to help you benchmark your building and submit your data to the City. You can also reference the Xcel Energy Benchmarking User Guide and Energy Tracker User Guide by CenterPoint Energy to follow step-by-step instructions for automatically aggregating and transferring your building's total energy use into ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.


Learn How to Benchmark here.

Minneapolis Passes Energy Disclosure Policies

On Friday February 15th, Minneapolis City Council unanimously passed three energy disclosure policies. These policies include:

  • Multi-family building benchmarking. An expansion to the City's Commercial Building Energy Benchmarking and Transparency ordinance to now include multi-family buildings 50,000 sqft and greater to report annual energy and water consumption data to the City. Buildings will also be required to conduct an energy evaluation every 5 years, if a no-cost option is available.
  • Time-of-Sale energy disclosure  An energy report will now be included as part of the existing Truth in Sale of Housing (TISH) process for single family and duplex housing, allowing prospective home buyers and sellers to consider the efficiency of homes prior to purchase. 
  • Time-of-Rent energy disclosure
    • Multi-family buildings 50,000 sqft and greater will disclose their ENERGY STAR score and average energy use per sqft to prospective tenants prior to leasing. 
    • Multifamily buildings less than 50,000 sqft will disclose average energy use per sqft using an easily accessible portal for utility data.

Learn more about these policies here.

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