City Grants

City Grants for ENERGY STAR Certification

The City of Minneapolis is providing grants for the nationally recognized ENERGY STAR certification. Similar to the idea of LEED certification, ENERGY STAR certification lets others know that your building uses energy efficiently and by becoming certified, you join the ranks of leading organizations such as Target, Wells Fargo, and US Bancorp.

Be one of the first to earn apply for certification and receive $500 toward an $800 site visit completed by a professional engineer!

Certification benefits include:

  • Plaque for your building providing transparency to building occupants
  • Increased marketability of your well-run, energy efficient building to potential tenants
  • Recognition on Minneapolis and ENERGY STAR websites

To qualify:

  1. Check if you have an ENERGY STAR score of 75 or greater and if your building has been certified within the last 5 years. Grants are available only to buildings that have never been certified OR have not been certified since 2009.

  2. Begin an application in Portfolio Manager by clicking the “Apply for ENERGY STAR Certification” near the box displaying the property’s current score. Click here to download detailed instructions.

  3. Contact Katie, the Minneapolis Benchmarking Outreach Coordinator to discuss your application and ensure that you are ready for your Site Visit at

  4. Complete a Site Visit with the City-approved professional engineering firm.

  5. Submit application!

Join these
Certified Buildings!

  • 100 Washington Square
  • 20 Washington Square
  • 33 South Sixth Street
  • 330 2nd Avenue South
  • 333 South Seventh
  • 50 S Tenth Street
  • Ameriprise Client Service Center
  • Ameriprise Financial Center
  • AT&T Tower
  • Banks Building
  • Broadway Place East
  • Broadway Place Ridge
  • Broadway Place West
  • Butler Square
  • Campbell Mithun Tower
  • Capella Tower
  • Colwell Building
  • Colonial Warehouse
  • DeLaSalle High School
  • Fifth Street Towers
  • Fifty South Sixth
  • Ford Center
  • IDC Building
  • International Centre
  • Itasca Building
  • K-mart
  • LaSalle Plaza
  • Marquette Plaza
  • Minneapolis Grain Exchange
  • Midwest Plaza / McGladrey Plaza
  • RBC Plaza
  • River Parkway Place
  • Target on New Brighton Blvd
  • Target on Lake Street
  • Thrivent Financial Minneapolis
  • U.S. Bank Plaza
  • US Bancorp Center
  • Wells Fargo Center
  • Wells Fargo Midtown Campus
Includes benchmarked buildings certified within the past 5 years.

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